Upload Date: February 4, 2013
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Wazzzup is the debut episode of The Court series. It was uploaded on Febuary the 4th, 2013. It introduces 4 of the 5 main characters in the series.


Shows a first person view through the eyes of Tye, walking up and greeting Jayden, slapping Corey across the face and watching Dylan punch Corey in the balls because Corey scared him. 

It then switches to Jayden's point of view of Tye high fiving Corey, before he turns around does the two finger salute with his tongue sticking in through the middle of his fingers (obviously referring to eating a girl out). 

The Court logo appears.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Jayden and Dylan are sitting down, conversing on the mailbox before Tye appears and yells "wazzzupp!" with Jayden replying with "Heeeey man" and then also yelling out "Wazzzupp", Dylan then joins in going "Wazzzupp!", the camera cuts to a close of Tye's tongue with him continuing "Wazzzupp" then Jayden & eventually Dylan.

Corey appears out of nowhere saying "What up" with the camera cut to a close up of Tye, Dylan & Jaydens faces all looking confused & disappointed. Corey is then shown tripping over, falling onto the concrete below where Tye, Jayden & Dylan are all sitting with them frowning down upon him.

The video ends with Tye saying "fag".


  • First appearance of Jayden
  • First appearance of Corey
  • First appearance of Dylan
  • First appearance of Tye
  • This episode is clearly based off of Scary Movie 1 as seen here
  • There is a random girl standing behind Tye when the close of his face is shown. It is unknown who she is.
  • The song played in the intro is: Skrillex Ft. Alvin Risk - Imma Try It Out (VIP Edit) 
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