Also known as Thing (By Jayden)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Unknown Alien Species
Family Unknown
First Appearance Corey's Strange Friend
Last appearance Corey's Strange Friend
Status Alive
Cause Of Death N/A

Riley is an antagonist first appearing in Corey's Strange Friend.


Riley is an unusual, odd looking boy who is bestfriends with Corey, he is very cocky and takes things without asking first. He is very hard to understand when he speaks and he isn't afraid to stick up for himself either.

He is an alien.



Riley & Tye don't get along at all, Riley's unusual looks make Tye feel uneasy. Riley has no respect for Tye & goes to take his drink without even asking. He then says that he hopes Jayden and Tye go and die of aids.


Riley & Jayden also don't get along, Jayden hates Riley with a passion and even suggests to Tye that they kill him. Riley has no respect for Jayden as he also tries to take Jaydens Coca Cola without permission. He says to Jayden that he hopes he and Tye die of aids. 


Riley & Corey are bestfriends, they are seen walking together back to The Court. Once Tye & Jayden are sneaking around and hiding from Riley & Corey to get back to Tyes to get a weapon to kill Riley with, Corey helps Riley search for them & finds them telling Riley where they are. 


  • Riley is the first character in the series to not be human.
  • Riley may have the ability to teleport at will (he probably rarely does to hide his true identity, but this can be seen twice in Corey's Strange Friend)
  • Riley has bad teeth as mentioned & shown by Jayden.
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