This was meant to be the eighth episode of The Court. However, due to arguments over the script, it was scrapped. The final script/version can be found Riley.


Jayden, Tye & Cole try to get information about Riley from Corey.



It is unknown what the intro was suppose to be like in this video.


Tye & Cole are sitting at the mailbox talking when Jayden comes to talk to Tye about how he hasn't got any new information from Corey about Riley. When he realises Cole is there, he tries to keep Tye & his "alien encounter" a secret from Cole, after multiple ways of trying to tell Tye about it, Tye realises what he is doing and admits that he has already told Cole about Riley. Jayden, not so happy about this, decides that they need to come up with a plan on how to get information out of Corey. Jayden says that he will beat him up seeing as he is his older brother.

Corey starts walking over towards them and Jayden threatens him to tell them more about Riley and where he met him. Corey doesn't do or say anything. Jayden, enraged, starts beating Corey up.

Corey finally gives in and says that he will only tell Jayden if Jayden goes inside and helps Corey fix his xbox to which Jayden frustratingly agrees to. As Jayden and Corey start walking towards there home, Cole gets a bad feeling and starts telling Tye that he thinks it may be a trap and Jayden might get grounded for beating Corey up so much. Tye shrugs Coles suggestion off, Corey turns around and gives Cole and evil smirk which makes Cole feel uneasy.

Everybody walks away.


  • Despite the episode being called Riley, Riley does not make a physical appearance. He is only mentioned.
  • This draft of Riley was meant to include Jayden finding multiple ways of getting information out of Corey.
  • This version was never filmed.
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