Munchy (The Court)
Also known as '
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Family Unknown
First Appearance You've Got A (Few) Friends In Me
Last appearance You've Got A (Few) Friends In Me
Status Unknown
Cause Of Death Unknown

Munchy is a minor character only appearing in You've Got A (Few) Friends In Me.


Not much is known about Munchy, he is known to eat a lot of food. His real name is unknown and seeing as his "nickname" is Munchy, he may smoke a lot of weed. 

He is heard occasionally talking in You've Got A (Few) Friends In Me and he seems to be a very sarcastic person.



Their friendship is unknown.


Whilst under multiple personalities, Jayden asks Munchy why he eats so much food. Later on, he even picks up Munchy's personality and eats a lot of food. 

However, their friendship when Jayden is his normal self is unknown.


Their friendship is unknown.


  • His name and the way he eats so much food suggests that he smokes a lot of weed.
  • His real name is unknown.
  • CalebThe Bully & Himself are the only 3 characters to appear in one Court episode each.
  • It is unknown where Munchy goes halfway through the episode or where he even appeared from in the first place.
  • He says the famous phrase "nek minnit" at some stage in You've Got A (Few) Friends In Me.
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