Also known as Sook
Gender Male
Age 12
Species Human
Family Unnamed Parents
First Appearance Pennyboards
Last appearance Pennyboards
Status Unknown
Cause Of Death -

Caleb is a minor character only physically appearing in Pennyboards


Caleb is a whiny 12 year old who loves nothing more than his Xbox & video games. He likes to think he is better than other people and is always seen with a controller or heard talking about Xbox. 

Being a sook & whining all the time, nobody enjoys being around him.


Season One

  1. Pennyboards

Relationships Edit


Caleb & Tye aren't seen interacting, however seeing as everybody else is annoyed by his personality and attitude it is assumed that Tye is to.


Jayden hates Caleb with a passion, he is constantly annoyed by Caleb about his controller, Xbox & video games. Jayden thinks Caleb is a sook & baby just like everybody else. Jayden gets fed up with Caleb and smacks him across the face, causing Caleb to have a sook and run home. 


Caleb & Corey don't get along. Like the rest of the group, Corey doesn't like Caleb. This is because Caleb also picks on Corey as shown in Pennyboards calling him a "sook".


Dylan & Caleb are seen getting along. However, Dylan doesn't like hearing Calebs constant bragging about Xbox. Just like everybody else.


Caleb & Cole don't get along, Cole telling Caleb that "nobody cares about him or his xbox" with Caleb replying that "I DO!".


  • Caleb along with the bully & Munchy have only so far physically appeared in one episode.
    • Despite this, he & The Bully have been mentioned in one other episode.
  • Every scene he is in he always has a controller in his hand.
  • He is the second youngest to appear in the series so far, the first being the little boy.
  • He is unaware that nobody likes him.
    • However, he may actually be aware but likes to think that everybody does.
  • He & Corey are in the same class at school.
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