Episode 2

Upload Date February 1, 2013

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Shittest Parkour Video Ever (Random Falls & Other Bullshit) What I Should Be Doing.

Basketball is the second video uploaded to HerpFailDerp. It was uploaded on February 1, 2013.


Didn't get to full finish this video, just fucking around in it hahaa. Still trying out Sony Vegas.


These are the characters who appeared in the video:


A boy (Corey) is playing basketball by himself, another boy (Tye) appears and reckons he is better than Corey at basketball, Corey being nice passes Tye the ball, as Tye goes and takes a shot he misses the ring completely.

As Corey grabs the ball, another boy jumps in (Jason) and gets it in first go. Tye, annoyed & frustrated kicks over a bin, hurts his toe & limps off. The video then tells the viewers what became of the characters:

Jason, went on to be a professional basketball player.

Tye went to a mental institution for being an insane piece of shit, who can't play basketball for shit.

Corey thinks he can play basketball but sucks worse than fucking Tye. Suck my balls mate.

The video then ends with "HA GAAAAAAY!!" appearing on screen.


  • First appearance of Corey.
  • Possible first appearance of Tye
  • First appearance of Jason.
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